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A fun little ARCADE game

In the days of AAA titles and heavy-duty graphics, there are very few games which make us sit back in awe of the simplicity of game without many frills. Data Wing, on the other hand, made us go back to it again and again because we enjoyed it that much.


This game doesn’t come from a big name publisher and doesn’t have those jaw dropping graphics we have gotten used to. In fact, its maker and seller Daniel Vogt have packaged this game in a mere 98.5 MBs. What it does have is a simple racing format. You are a little triangle running around in cyberspace on the behest of a server named mother, trying to complete the tasks in the allotted time. In the middle of those racing tasks are little data packs in which you get a deeper understanding of
what the user of the whole system is doing. This adds a deeper story in the middle of the game.


There are 40 levels which play over 2 plus hours of gameplay which range from racing against the stopwatch, reaching the exit against gravity based obstacles, racing around the circuits against other data wings and much more.


The controls are simple; you press the right or the left hand of the screen to go either way. Press both of them together and you brake. To gain speed you can drift right next to the wall and your jet stream pushes against the obstacle and gives you more speed. But, be careful. If you hit the wall you lose all your momentum. Over and above that, Mother will throw data hack challenges at you which comprise of simple math.


To read more and see more  photos, click on this link -  Or order your FHM India copy of November and December 2017.