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HP has come out with Sprocket Photo Printer, the next best device for your Smartphone. This palm-sized printer allows you to print pictures instantly.


Sprocket is HP’s solution to portable instant printing that can print directly from your smartphone, anytime, anywhere since it is one of the smallest printers we have ever seen. I feel this is not only a printer but an exciting fun gadget that can provide the right moment for your wall just in a blink of an eye. If you’ve ever required merging
the abilities of your smartphone with the appeal of physical on the spot photo printing, this could be the best device for you or anyone.


This printer uses no ink, in order to apply liquid or powder on paper as it uses
the Zink technology. The HP’s Sprocket technology uses paper encrusted with several layers of translucent dye in fabrication. These dyes are set off in the printer with the
pulsation of heat in diverse length and amount from a thermal print top. Then these
dyes turn into cyan, magenta and yellow, to give a coloured image with a solo pass of the paper through the printer.

I have found no difficulty operating this device. I just downloaded the Sprocket app on my phone and have used fun filters and stickers which are there by default.


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