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Touch of Technique

Gone are those days when only belt, shoes, cufflinks or ties used to be the accessories of men. With growing fashion along with technology, the accessorising statement has also developed.


Now in the list of accessories, some gadgets have also taken their place and that too at a prime position. Technology has become our daily life need which works wonderfully. We cannot work without them. Without gizmos, we cannot even operate. In an era of competition and workload, it is very difficult to remember everything by heart. And these daily life real factors have changed our fashion statement. How?


Following are the gadgets that have changed fashion statement in the terms of accessories.


Phone: Nowadays phones are playing an important role not only in the terms of fashion but also in terms of business. With the help of phone, we can work from anywhere and can talk to anyone. Without a phone, we cannot coordinate anything or meet someone and our work got freeze in many ways. Keeping phone as a need now has become a fashion not only a fashion but a needful fashion.



TECNO Mobile comes in stunning all-metal design and ‘Made for India’ features, ‘i’ series allows consumers to own the night with its image processing PIXELEX engine that allows brighter night photography. Price: INR 14990



Watches: Watches with updated applications and stylish outlook has become a new fashion for wrists. As we all know men wrists are incomplete without watches so why to go with normal watches?



The new Grand SEIKO HI-BEAT 36000 GMT creation is inspired by the beauty of the peacock. Approximate recommended retail price in India: INR 5,80,754.97. 



Bluetooth: A good quality Bluetooth plays a very important role in terms of talking while driving or doing other work. One, who is running their business fast, cannot work without this mini and tiny device. You can say they use them as fashion.

Isn’t it surprising to see how the development of technology has made us gadget-friendly that we have made these gadgets our best friends?



AirPods wireless Bluetooth headphones developed by Apple Inc truly a wireless and wonderful device for your effortless calling or music.  Approximate recommended retail price in India: INR 10,408.14.