FHMIndia Girl Next Door: KIRTI KULHARI #NovemberIssue

FHMIndia Girl Next Door: KIRTI KULHARI #NovemberIssue

A power-packed performance in pink and Kirti is back with a bang in Bollywood. So before the hysteria ends, we ask her about the movie, Amitabh Bachchan and yeah, dating, too! 

FHM India: Hi Kirti. What’s the latest thing that has caught your attention?

I think a couple a things has caught my attention. First of all the fact that the kind of attention Pink has got is really fantastic. It’s not like it has become a hit, but the extent of appreciation, acknowledgment and response that people are giving is something that really made me take notice of the fact that cinema actually has the power to do this to people. And that’s the whole idea of art. Pink is not just a film anymore. It has crossed the boundaries in so many senses. And that’s what has caught my attention.


We don’t know much about you. Enlighten us, please…

I belong to Rajasthan, but I was born and brought up in Mumbai. Dad was in the navy so I’m an absolute defence kid. I studied BMS (Bachelors in Management Studies) from Bhavan’s College. Post that, I did my post graduate diploma in journalism and mass communication from K. J. Somaiya. I used to play badminton at national level during my school days and was actually good at it. After all this, I gave a shot to acting and started my carrier with a lot of ads, followed by theatre and then got my first film, Khichdi- The Movie. I love music, reading books, watching films from all across the world, travelling, and acting of course… That’s me!


What’s the naughtiest memory from your childhood that you’d like to share?

Naughtiest? Umm… I really have to go back to my childhood now. I don’t think I was a naughty child. I was a very introvert and reserved kid. I was, in fact, like a cry baby. If anybody would ask me to recite a poem or something, I would just start crying because I was so shy and reserved. There was nothing naughty as such that I remember!


Do you have a weird habit that you would like to get rid of?

I have lots of them (haha). Umm… If I don’t get a good sleep, I get into a panic mode. I want to change that about me.

What’s the nicest compliment you’ve received so far?

Compliments are of different kinds. A lot of people have come up and said good things to me. But for me, I try to find the intention behind the compliment more than just taking it on face value.


So, what’s your idea of a fun date?

A date should be about two people being themselves. The whole idea of trying to be nice and pretending to be someone else is all bullshit... 

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