Aradhana Jagota: Can you handle her hot transformation?

She’s ready to get into the skin of a bold charmer, and this photo-shoot is helping a lot, we say. Aradhana, the cute girl from 24, is ready for her big B-town debut. Can you handle the transformation?
FHM: Hello Aradhana, the traveller. We will admit we’ve been stalking you for some time now.
Aradhana Jagota: (Haha) you stalker! But yes, I do love travelling. Whenever I get time, I am off to some destination or the other.
So, what’s the worst place you have travelled to?
I would like to call it the worst best place. And that would be Venice. I fell in love with the city, the moment I set foot in it. And now all I can think of is going back there, but haven’t got the time or the opportunity.
And what’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten on a tour?
The weirdest one would have to be an octopus, but that was ages back. I’ve been a vegetarian for quite some time now.
How excited are you about your debut?
I’m very excited about making my debut into films with Kerry On Kutton. And why wouldn’t I! After all it’s my first time (haha). But on a more serious note, I’m glad that I got this film because I got to play a girl who is fierce, strong, independent and has some shades of grey, right in my very first film. Actresses usually get such characters after doing a certain amount of work.
If you had to be one half of a lesbian romance and had to pick a female co-star, who would it be?
Oh, it’s weird but I have my answer ready. It has to be....
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