Are You Ready to Play the Game: Nazia Hussain

Coming from a family of great actors, Nazia believes that two negatives can make a positive. Do your math and get ready to play the game. P.S. She loves cats!


FHM India: Hello, Nazia. Who would you like in your life, a Tom, a Dick or a Harry?
Nazia Hussain: Are these my only options? (Haha) Well, if I had to choose I’d go with a Tom. I have an affinity towards cats (winks)!

How has been the experience of working in a multi-starrer movie?
It’s been great! It’s my first time in a multi-starrer so a lot of new experiences. I know how the basic nitty gritty of film making goes and it can be very chaotic. But I am absolutely loving it. I’m having the time of my life.

The perfect man - does it exist or is it just a myth?
Myth, of course. Men are humans, and humans can’t be perfect. Flaws can be beautiful, and who wants a perfect man (winks)! I’m not perfect, I make mistakes and bad decisions, but that’s me and my shade of crazy. What I’m looking for is another shade that goes well with mine, and we can then together be perfect.

Are you open to a live-in relationship?
Well, yes. I think a live-in relationship is quite practical, but that is something I would be mindful about. I wouldn’t jump into it without giving a thought!

If we visited you unannounced, what would we be most likely to find you doing?
Dancing and singing in...

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