Demi Rose

Social media has a lot to answer for. Idiotic trolls. The ever-expanding self- importance of Piers Morgan. That awful feeling after posting something, finding yourself staring at the screen, hoping and praying for retweets/likes/shares/any form of validation. Still, social media sites have their benefits. Without them, the amazingly wonderful Demi Rose Mawby may not be staring up at you from these very pages. Why, we hear you ask? Well, since we first featured the 19-year-old Brummie, Demi has developed quite the online following. At last count, she had a whopping 120,000 Twitter followers and a frankly ridiculous 520,000 people following her on Instagram. We used this as the perfect excuse to get her back in FHM .

FHM: So, Demi. It appears your Instagram has gone mental. Any thoughts on why?

Demi: My pictures, I guess! It’s true though, it has been crazy. At the moment, if I just post one photo, I get another 2,000 followers and I can’t even check my notifications – there are just too many. I had to switch them off a while ago.

How did this happen?

I only started all the social media stuff because there was a fake account pretending to be me on Instagram. I posted my photos to get rid of the fake ‘me’ – then it just blew up.

Did you ever expect it to?

No way. The person with the fake profile had 3,000 followers, so I tried to get in touch with them but they deleted the account. I ended up just sticking with it. I quickly got up to 30,000 followers. You’ve got over half a million followers.

When did you realise things had gone bonkers?

Probably when it got past 100,000. I asked my dad to guess how many followers I had. He was like, “I dunno. 200?” I told him it was 100,000 and he freaked out. I had to tell him it was OK!

Has internet fame led to you being spotted in the street yet?

I was in Ibiza in the summer, and I must have had 10 different people ask me for a photo, which was weird.

Is it true there is someone with a tattoo of you?

Yeah, but he’s not one of my fans.


I know, it’s weird. He wanted a Greek goddess tattoo and it was the tattoo artist who was a fan. He suggested me, so this guy now has a tat of me with a knife in my hand! Some people online gave him some hate for it – “You don’t even know her” and all that sort of stuff.

Have you ever been chatted up successfully on social media?

You do get the odd guy who can be a bit weird or creepy, but I’m always open to people who are chilled about my job and respect it. People realise that I’m a down-to-earth person.

What do you mean?

Well, I cook for my family every day, but I don’t think people know that. When you’re a model, some people don’t like it if you dare to have an opinion on something – then you get accused of being stuck up.

Last time you spoke to FHM , you said you wanted to open a beauty salon in Spain...

That was the plan; at that time. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make a living from modelling. But now I love this job; I’d like to travel around the world.

Sounds like you’ve got plans...

Yeah, I’d love to go into make-up or skincare. Maybe get a reality show on TV or into acting one day.

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