FHM GIRL NEXT DOOR: Shama Sikander

FHM GIRL NEXT DOOR: Shama Sikander

Shama is back with a bang and she is compensating quite well for missing in action for all this while with this hot shoot. Surgical makeovers aren’t that bad, we feel!

FHM: Hi sweet-turned-sexy, Shama. What are you doing these days?
Shama: Hey Sudhakar, thank you for the compliment. I am living life to the fullest at this moment (smiles).

You have transformed drastically since your comeback. What did you do all this while?
I was busy getting all the surgeries done (haha). On a serious note, I have been transforming since the time of my birth. It seems that this is my favourite hobby. I love to transform. I work hard on myself to look and feel different. Otherwise, I get bored with the same me. It’s not exciting to be the same. We should move ahead with nature and become our best with everyday. And trust me, it’s a lot of work!

Sexaholic created a lot of buzz. How did that happen?
Yes, it did, indeed! And I’m so glad that it did in a right way as we were dealing with a very sensitive subject. I have known the director, Shailendra, for the longest time andin a party at his house he just happened to share this idea with me and it hit the right notes. I thought people must know about this subject, even if it is so controversial because most of the problems happen when we don’t talk about it. So I gave it a very deep thought as it could have backfired. But I had to be really sure and believe 100 per cent in it to do it with all my honesty and sincerity, because only then it could go right and once I was sure, I agreed to do it.

In India, where sex is a very private thing, Sexaholic worked as an eye opener. What was your reaction to people’s feedback?
Oh, you have no idea how happy I was! I am a very family person and anything could have happened. I took a big risk by doing the film. No matter what we pretend to be, but every human being needs sex to survive. It’s a basic need, just like food. And trust me...

Where was the craziest place you ever made love?
OMG! I ain’t answering that one. It’s too personal. And I guess the mystery of it makes it even more desirable so let’s keep it that way!

So how would rate your lovemaking kills on the scale of 0 to 10?

10! Boy, I’m a Leo ...

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