Kim Lee

With a body like that, DJ Kim rules out losing out the dance floor to another jockey who rides on the digital disc. She has promised to give us a lesson in piano, but there are more obvious reasons to love her.
FHM: How ecstatic are you about your second stint with FHM India? We are thrilled… 
Kim Lee: I’m very honoured. India is known for beautiful women and to be a part of FHM India means a lot to me.
How do you like the tag of ‘Asia’s Kim Kardashian’?
I find Kim very beautiful so I take it as a compliment. I think it’s the dark hair, and we both have curvy bodies that triggers the comparison.
Do you have any plans of coming to India?
Yes! Hopefully this year! I have so many fans tweeting me and asking me when will I be visiting India. So I will have to make this happen soon!
Would you like to share your most embarrassing moment on the ramp?
It was not on a ramp, but oh boy, was it embarrassing! I remember this one time I was at the mall. I was wearing a white Marilyn Monroe type of dress. I went to the bathroom and came out, went up the escalator and people were looking at me. Few of them were like, “excuse me, your underwear is showing!” I looked and the back of my dress...
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