Meghna Kaushik

We hear you changed careers to become a model?

I started out as a journalist, but hated the timings and routine. I mean seriously, how do you guys work (Laughs). I missed pampering myself, so I shifted my focus towards modeling and acting. I was based in Delhi till a year ago and was working as an RJ for All India Radio, but shifted to Mumbai to focus on my acting.

Are there any projects in the pipeline?

Yes, but I’m not going to tell you (Smiles). In fact, I was shortlisted for two projects, but it didn’t work out, as they wanted more experience.

You have an awesome voice. How about singing?

(Laughs) Are you serious? I like music a lot,but haven’t been gifted with vocal chords.

Okay, so we know you like music. What else interests you?

I love languages. I’m learning French, which is my favourite. I’m totally smitten by Paris – its culture, art and lifestyle... Everything’s alluring.

What about partying?

I only party with my closest friends, once in a blue moon. I’m more of a wine and dine person. Great food, a glass of wine and a conversation speckled with wit and humour makes an ideal evening for me.

Hmm… Do guys hit you at these places?

Plenty. But then it’s part of life. Some of them are total characters – idiots to be precise, while some are just ‘wow’.

What kind of guys do you like? Do we stand a chance?

Are you intelligent (Laughs)? The guy has to be intelligent (nogawars) and humourous, of course.

Before we end, tell us something crazy you’ve done.

I’ve bribed my wardens with liquor, clothes and food to allow me to enter the hostel after deadline. But I think my ragging has been crazier –I’ve delivered babies and created rnasty Hindi gaalis.


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