FHM: You were chosen as the Grand Marshall for the India Day Parade in the USA. That’s a feat in itself. How did it feel?

Neetu Chandra: It’s always an honour to represent your country and I am blessed that I have had the opportunity to represent India at various stages of my life. As a student I represented India thrice in Taekwondo championships and now as an actor I had the golden chance to be the Grand Marshall. I am sure I have done my country proud.

With two Bollywood flicks, one film each in Tamil and Greek and a play, Umrao Jaan, in your kitty you seem to have a very busy year ahead. Is it taking a toll on you?

Toll? Not at all! I love working; it’s something I am born to do. Trust me, busy is an understatement. I have a lot on my plate right now. 

For your film, Block 12, you learnt Greek. Teach us a cuss word or something romantic.

Arkaristo Se Polla, which means ‘Thank you so much’ in Greek. Luckily for me I just had to learn the basics. Greek is a very sensuous language. It sounds flirtatious even when you don’t mean to.

We heard that you were in LA. Should we expect news of you joining the Hollywood brigade?

That’s very hush-hush right now. You would know soon for sure. Pray that I come back with big news. A good script is what really matters. Language has never been a barrier for me.

From an international Taekwondo player to a Bollywood diva, how did the transition happen?

I don’t believe in limiting myself. Challenges bring out the best in me; which is why I have so many aspects to myself. As far the transition is concerned, I never felt it. I was just being myself and everything else fell into place. I feel like I am God’s favourite child.

You seem to be a fitness fanatic. What’s your fitness mantra?

Yes, I am proud to be a fitness fanatic and Yoga is something that I swear by. I cannot go even a single day without it.

What are your vital stats?

Good enough to be called ‘The Indian JLo’. Have been hearing that lately; hope you know what I mean.

Given your martial arts background, you must be an expert at kicking ass. Is there a way for a guy to impress you without getting hurt?

(Laughs) If the guy is smart, good looking, chivalrous and down to earth, who makes me feel special and drenched in love, then he won’t get hurt. I have worked very hard throughout my life, his acknowledgment and appreciation should keep me going.

What is the scariest that you have seen a cloud take a shape of?

That of a monster who kept staring back at me and followed me around.

Where do you want your guy to take you out for a dinner date?

To his place. Just the two of us in a romantic setup. And he should smell really good, maybe with the aroma of food that he’s cooked (wink).

How many pairs of jeans do you have in your wardrobe?

More than 12 and most of them are torn…

Ow, really? So, what wishes will you ask a genie to grant?

I already have a good body so that’s something I’m blessed with. Maybe lots of good work, a lot of admirers who encourage me all the time, a guy who is in love with me till the end of the world and whom I will eventually marry. Being good in bed is a must though...

What’s your secret fetish?

Now that’s a secret. Only the guy I take home will get to know.

What’s your favourite car?

Audi TT.

What’s your idea for a perfect date?

Some nice aromas around, ample smiles, a long drive, good food, romantic music, moves on the dance floor... then I’ll see how it goes and then may be to my room.

If you were to be reincarnated as an animal, who would you choose?

A lion. I am as ferocious.

Favourite fragrance?

Cool Water by Davidoff.

Hollywood celebrity that you have the hots for? Promise, we will not tell anyone.

Haha, yeah right! Will Smith, Ashton Kutcher, Bradley Cooper, Johnny Depp...

Where is your favourite vacation spot in the world?

Hands down... New York!

Which film personality would you want to have a street fight with?

If I could, I would go with Tiger Shroff. We both could show some martial-arts kicks. 

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