Serin George

She holds a btech degree, has done modelling and is now a professional photographer Girl Next Door Not Every Girl You See On The Ramp Has A Bird Brain. There Are Some Curvaceous Techies Like Model-PhotogSerin George Who Flaunt An Equally Beautiful Mind...

A ‘proper’ job at Hewlett Packard, modeling or photography – what’s closest to your heart?

It has to be photography because the lens has fascinated me more than anything else in my life. Behind a camera, I don’t feel stuck.

But then how come you landed at HP?

I still don’t know, but it helped me fund my first camera. Also, I didn’t want my BTech degree to be a complete waste.

So did you tell them why you were quitting?

No, I just left the office one day and never returned. For a week, my manager had no idea why I wasn’t coming. I informed them a few weeks later that I didn’t want to continue, but I didn’t give them a reason. However, some of my colleagues knew about my inclination towards the ramp and the lens so they weren’t surprised with what I did.

If you were so inclined towards photography, why did you walk the ramp?

If you want to be a fashion photographer, you must know the nuances of modeling. Plus, I fulfilled the entire list of checkpoints on a designer’s wishlist so there was no harm in walking down the ramp for a few good shows.

You liked attending the post show dos?

Parties are so boring. The only reason I attend a few of them is because I get to network with people.

So what is it that interests you?

I love travelling. I so want to go to Goa. Also, I’m a big SRK fan so I religiously follow him and his films. I haven’t yet watched Don 2, but once I’m free from work, I’ll watch it.

What about music?

There’s no fixed genre, but I repeatadly listen to November Rain, MJ’s Beat It, Malcolm McLaren’s About Her, Kolaveri Di and Stairway To Heaven.

And books?

I mostly read biiographies and auto biographies. I’m currently reading Goddess: The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe by Anthony Summers.

Your ideal guy.

I don’t expect him to be right on all counts, but he should be ready to tolerate me for what I’m. That’s all I’ll ever look in my guy.

So what is that one weakness that your man will have to live with?

I’m an introvert, so I shouldn’t be expected to blabber in front of strangers. I take time to open up.