What kind of Guy has the best chance?

I really appreciate being respected and i like smart men. So the guy who has a good talking sense, is confident, respects me and makes me feel comfortable will have more chances to succeed. Everything has its right time though.



How to start a conversation?

I think it should start with a big smile and an enthusiastic “hello!” Then, after breaking the ice, the best is to find common interests to talk about. Be true to yourself and enjoy the moment. This is the best approach in my opinion.




How should he set the stage for further talks?

If I like the guy and feel good about it, I would like to be invited for a date. I think it would be clear that he should try to get my contact details to reach me later. I’m old fashioned so it would be good if he asks for my phone number. Who wouldn’t like to receive a call asking you out for the first date, right!



How to take it beyond the beach? The best way to take it beyond the beach is to create a good impression at first and find out what my interests are. During the first talk, try to figure out the places i like and if the guy likes them too, just ask me out. I’m giving a hint now: I like superhero movies, playing games (video games, board

Games, bowling, doesn’t matter). Even if I’m not going to end up kissing the guy, at least it would be fun for both!


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