Girl Of The Hour: Vedhika

Girl Of The Hour: Vedhika

A sparkle in her eye, a petite frame and an exuberant smile, Vedhika arrived at 9:00 am for our shoot. When she first entered the Tamil tinsel world, Vedhika’s sharp features and swift learning methods led quite a number of people to believe that a winner had arrived. However, after a while, despite offers coming her way, Vedhika chose to wait for the right kind of scripts instead of hurrying into signing roles that lacked the potential to showcase her talent.

This star has so far acted in all the four south Indian language film industries – Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada; and is now set to widen her horizons in the Indian film industry. We speak to her as she glamorously shoots in front of the camera and impresses us with her smart streak, edited excerpts follow...

Growing up, who did you admire the most and what inspired you to become an actor?
Growing up I watched films of the legends of Indian cinema Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi. Watching them act and dance inspired me and left a very strong impact on my mind at a very tender age. I loved dancing so much that my mom made sure I participated in quite a few cultural functions in school. My love and passion for performing arts came so naturally that I knew I had to be an actor.

How was your initial journey to the silver screen? What were the challenges that you faced?
I got my first south film without even auditioning for it, so I wouldn’t really say that I had to struggle much. Post my debut, I was welcomed with open hands into the Southern film industry. Initially, I was mainly part of films where I got to only play the quintessential heroine. But later I was offered performance-oriented roles that I thoroughly loved playing. Every profession comes with its own share of challenges. In the beginning, I did not speak any of the Southern languages except Kannada. I love learning new languages, hence, I enjoyed the process of learning Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. But now I speak Tamil as fluently as Kannada, which is my mother tongue. If you love what you do, your workplace becomes your playground and even overcoming challenges becomes fun.

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