India’s telly queen - Surbhi Chandna

India’s telly queen

You are very popular on Indian television, and have a massive fan following. Have you ever thought of venturing in films?

I am glad for all the love and fanfare that I get to see, even though I have only done two shows. My fans are very vocal. If they think that I made a wrong decision or if they are not happy with a particular scene, then they tell it to me. I consider them to be a part of my family. I have not thought of venturing into films as of yet. I hope I get to do something that can move people’s hearts and change their minds. I hope I can make a difference and inspire people. That’s the kind of film that I want to do.

How different is the Indian television industry as compared to Bollywood?

I think both the mediums are great. Both of them help you spread awareness. You reach out to people with different perspectives. I feel very lucky doing Television and hopefully will act in Bollywood soon. Both give you popularity and fame, I don’t know how different are they but there are a lot of similarities.

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