FHM: Brazilian women are often heralded as the hottest in the world. What do you say to that?

Laura: I don’t really understand it. Since living in Europe, I’ve heard it a lot. People say we have this particular smell of our skin and that we’re fiery; not in a jealous way, but in a passionate one.

Do you have a favourite Brazilian woman? 

I like Izabel Goulart. She has the perfect body, better than Adriana Lima and Gisele. 

So what is the least Brazilian thing about you then? 

I love German deep house DJs, especially Fritz Kalkbrenner. And I love beer in large quantities.


As in, you love beer a lot or you drink lots of beer?

At a party, I can drink about 20 beers. Heineken is my favourite, but I really love Polander too.

Alright. That’s totally unexpected. So what’s the most Brazilian thing about you?

I don’t know. I used to play a lot of volleyball. I was on the school team and we toured a lot. In fact, I used to play everything. I’ve done ballet, judo, karate, boxing, soccer. I really loved soccer but I was so bad at it. Now I do lots of classes instead like yoga and pilates.



And you’ve got a degree too, right?

I did Fashion Business in Milan and graduated last year. Then I did a one-year internship with a designer. My friends back home wanted to settle down and be lawyers, but I really wanted to travel the world and work in fashion. I recently decided to start travelling again for a while.

Do you know what you want to do for work?

In the future, I want to be a buyer. Maybe for Harrods or Selfridges.

Isn’t that what Rachel does in Friends? Shops for a living?

Yeah, but it’s a big responsibility. It’s a huge budget and if you don’t sell the store image, it’s your fault.

Sounds like a lot of pressure…

I like it. I used to model collections for buyers in Milan, so that’s how I got into the idea of it. You get to go to all the fashion shows and travel a lot too, which is my favourite thing. I’ve lived in Milan, Paris, Athens and now London.

How do you keep from going mad on long journeys?

I read a lot, probably a book a week, and I’ll read each book maybe 12 times. I never watch TV.

What’s your favourite book?

I love Harry Potter. That was my childhood. These days, I prefer historical romances.

How important is it for a guy you like to be into books as well?

It’s not. I like a guy to be cultured but when it comes down to it, you have to accept a person for who he is.

Do you have any dating tips for us guys?

Men are generally cute and polite, but at times can be really shy. I’m used to Italians and Brazilians, who’re really bold. Just give me a smile or a compliment; it’s nice for a girl to feel pretty sometimes.


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