Become A Lean Machine

Become A Lean Machine

An upper torso so ripped, it gives his enemies endless sleepless nights. We bring to you Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine’s high intensity circuit training schedule.

A circuit includes five different exercises which are to be done for a non-stop five minutes. Each exercise is done for a minute with an unlimited repetition for up to 1 minute then, switch to the other exercise and again do the same. After a circuit is performed you need to rest for 60 secs after which you need to again repeat the whole circuit. 

Circuit 1


The best way to get all your muscles warmed up and going.

Jump Squats

Unlike squats, the jump squats works on your legs, hips and your core.


The best way to tone your core muscles, planks also work on your arms.

Kettlebell Swings

Aided by a kettlebell, this exercise helps rip your shoulder muscles. 

Sit Ups

The easiest and most effective way to burn that beer belly.

Circuit 2

Clap Push-ups

Along with working on your chest, this exercise helps add density to the upper body.

Jumping Lunges

A great movement for toning your legs, hip and flexor.

Leg Raises

Helps tone the thighs and calves, along with working those abs.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

The dumbbell shoulder press is a highly effective upper-body exercise.

Pull Ups

Possibly the most effective training to bring out a wider back muscle.

Circuit 03

Mountain Climber

An optimum exercise to activate core abdominal muscles in addition to the upper and lower body.

On the spot jogging with high knees

A sure-shot exercise to get all the muscles warmed up in no time. 


This targets your shoulders, obliques and triceps, therefore, works more muscles.

Tuck Jumps + Push Ups

These improve agility and power and help increase an athlete’s vertical jump.

Slide Plank

A secret weapon to help tighten and shrink your waistline.

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