Is fit your way of style?

Is fit your way of style?

Zaheer comes forth with his idea of “Quantity is the quality of fitness that matters”

We speak to Zaheer Khan, the former Indian cricketer who played all forms of the game for the Indian national cricket team with fierce attitude and a win-win spirit in the heart. Continuing his sportsmanship, he recently ventured into fitness and sports business, the ProSport Fitness and Services in Mumbai, that not offers fitness training but also, physiotherapy services designed especially for the client. Involving trained personnel, the center aims to “maximize potential” of people and athletes by personally assisted fitness programs.

What is your daily health and fitness regime?

Basically, my fitness routine is a mix of everything. Since, bowling also required all kinds of area to be covered from skill work to gym work and supplements. Hence, the idea of fitness is whatever you do should supplement to the field. I have been following it even now.

Is there a specific diet you follow?

My diet is a Broad outline of eating right. The diet I intake has always been about eating right. The base of the diet should be proteinous. Hence, my diet is always high in protein and salads.

What is the USP of your Prosport Fitness and Sports Company?

The concept is a personal training studio looking to provide solutions with regard to individual and bones both. It is a very one on one sort of a program keeping into consideration the requirements of the client. Like I said, ‘whatever you do should be supplementing to what you are coaching’. In a specific scenario, supposedly, if you are a marathon runner, you cannot do running all the time. You want your gym program to help you achieve the timing while running. We work specifically on bones, so if your goal is to lose weight, we make a program customized in that manner just for the client. You have physiotherapist, fitness trainer and nutritionist also there. Hence, it a complete 360-degree program for anyone to achieve their fitness goals.

What kind of fitness programs/ seminars have you done till date?

We have a variety of options, looking at the fitness of the people. We have sports performer trainers, like Adrian Mary heading the sports scientist concern. We take their help seminars related to running. We currently have workshops for our trainers and going ahead we are going to have workshops for trainers to upgrade their knowledge in this regard.

Which sportsman do you think you would go for fitness advice and why?

In this industry, all of them are so professional that advice from anyone should be good enough. Everyone helps everyone in the gym; hence, the help and advice around us is enough. Professionally, the support system is always there in terms of fitness. So, there no such need to approach anyone for fitness.

 One Memory from cricket that you would live again and one you would want to forget?

There is no memory I would forget throughout my cricket career as it was a feeling of pride to play for India. 

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