Get The Ball Rolling

Get The Ball Rolling

Let’s get the ball rolling with another round and effective gym equipment that will 100 per cent transform your core. But, before we get into the deed, answer this. Are you tired of your monotonous fitness routine and wish to take things up a notch? Get those toned abs while simultaneously losing weight? If it is a yes for both the questions, we have a smart solution for you. Designed by David Weck in the 2000s, Bosu ball is a brilliant fitness training device which has a rubber dome on one side and a flat platform on the other. The term Bosu stands for “both sides up” or more commonly defined as “both sides utilised”.

The equipment can help you enhance your flexibility, sharpen your reflexes, and reshape your body. A Bosu workout embeds movement into a workout regimen and pumps up the heart rate to build stamina. “Incorporating a mindful methodology to your regular exercising is a smart way to blend technology into conventional training,” says Suraj Grover, a trainer based out of New Delhi.

How will a Bosu ball workout help increase the intensity of a workout? “It is all about instilling concept into action. Physical involvement is one thing, but mentally engaging each and every muscle during training is the key to a successful workout.” This is exactly what Bosu ball helps in. Working on multiple body parts on particular days can be challenging for the brain to register. Thus, for an all-round workout, the Bosu ball can be beneficial. Since you have to use your core to stabilise your body, you intrinsically become more aware of your body and thoughts while working out. However, you do need to exercise caution. “If you haven’t used a Bosu ball before, don’t overdo it. Start gradually to discern how your body reacts to the exercises and then put all your enthusiasm once you are confident,” Grover adds. So, if you are looking for growth in your gym routine, we would definitely advise trying Bosu ball for that extra push.

  • Squats- Ball Side Up

Similar to a regular squat, stand on the Bosu ball with your legs hip-width apart. Squat as you regularly would, the challenge will be to hold the squat as you may wobble, but focus on your core strength.

  • Lunges- Ball Side Up

You can do multiple forms of lunges with a Bosu ball. Try the side variation wherein you place one leg on the ground and lunge. Then switch legs during each set but make sure your foot is firmly placed on the ground so as to avoid falling.

  • Hip Raises- Ball Side Up

Lay flat on the ground and place one foot on top of a Bosu ball and the other towards the ceiling. Squeeze your core and push your hips upward while tightening your glutes. Make sure not to arch your lower back during the set.

  • Push-Ups- Ball Side Down

In this type of push-up, you need to balance your body while on the Bosu ball. This will not only help work your chest and shoulders but also your core. It will develop your coordination and balancing skills.

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