Ready To Bounce: Swiss Ball

Swiss Ball

When we think about fitness, the aspect of stability usually takes a backseat. But did you know that stability training has the potential to extend your lifespan and improve your athletic performance? The answer is yes, it can. Thus, to follow up on our BOSU ball feature, we have another fun and effective equipment for your perusal, the Swiss ball. This big ball is not just to kick around at the gym, and only sit on when you’re tired of lifting weights. You can use it in different ways to build up a core like never before and increase your chances of developing greater strength. 
A great tool for stretching, the Swiss ball reconditions the back, pelvis, hip muscles, and knee joints. Furthermore, a 2006 study revealed that a Swiss ball is an excellent way to get back into form after an injury as it reduces muscle strain and improves spine mobility. Thus, it will help you develop an improved posture, core stability, and muscle balance. Not just these elements, but you can also improve your cardiovascular system by adopting a lower-impact exercise with it. However, a word of caution, “to reap all the benefits of the Swiss ball, you must know how to use it accurately. Otherwise, you will see zero improvements and might even injure yourself,” says Dushyant Singha, a fitness coach working at a premier gym in Abu Dhabi.
The versatility of the Swiss ball is such that not only first-timers but even experienced people can benefit from its use. “The ability to correct bad posture and improve the spines’ health is just a few reasons why you should definitely incorporate it in your workout routine,” Dushyant adds.  One easy way to utilise a Swiss ball is as a replacement for a bench. If you’re habitual to exercising with a bench, switch it with a Swiss ball. It will fire up your workout in a completely new fashion. However, be sure to start with a lesser weight as opposed to what you would use with a bench to avoid any injuries.

Swiss Ball Shoulder Press

Sitting on a Swiss ball can be fun. Now take a medicine ball and get that blood flowing all over your body by practising shoulder presses. It will actively engage all the muscles in your body and tighten your core.

Swiss Ball Decline Push-ups

A lot different (read difficult) than a regular push-up, this exercise takes bodyweight training to another level. Try to balance your legs on the Swiss ball and do as many push-ups as you can, that simple. 

Swiss Ball Crunches

Improve the range of motion in your lower back and get those abdominal muscles on fire with Swiss ball crunches. Just remember to not put too much stress on your neck while attempting this exercise.

Swiss Ball Bent-over Row

Similar to bent-over rowing on a bench, here you need to balance your body and row on the ball. This will not only workout your back, but the effort to not fall will keep your core active at all times.

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