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Sphere of Excellence

A good weight training regimen works wonders for your body. It helps you tone up and get chiselled muscles that you didn’t even know existed. Furthermore, research by universities, such as the University of Wales and the Trinity College, Dublin have shown that weight training helps you fight diabetes and improves blood circulation in the joints, thereby preventing arthritis. Other studies have linked the release of endorphins during weight training in individuals coping with depression. No wonder people are always lining up at the barbell section at the gym.

However, people who have a gym at their home cannot afford the space that a decent set of barbell and weights require. Kettlebell then becomes the perfect compromise.

Now, the way to work out with a kettlebell will be different than the workouts designed around barbell because of fundamental physics. For starters, the weights are not centred in a kettlebell. The grip on kettlebells is much lighter. Also, do not even try the same exercises, unless you are using light kettlebells. Refer to the column on the side for some exercises that benefit beginners, amateurs as well as pros.

When choosing a kettlebell, keep a few things in mind. First, ensure that they have a coating of rubber or silicon polyester resin. This way, if you have a wooden floor, you won’t damage it. Second, ensure that the handles suit you well. You don’t want it to be too sharp, neither do you want it to be too thick. Third, avoid the ones with plastic or vinyl handles as they compromise grip and may cause accidents.

Basic Kettlebell Workouts 


Place your left foot forward. While keeping your back straight, try to touch the floor with your right knee. Hold the position and return.

Arm Lift

Keep your back straight and raise your left arm above your head. Slowly bring your arm down. Repeat with the other arm.

Basic Swing

Stand with your legs wide apart. Slowly raise the kettlebell up to the level of your head. Now, bring it back up to your knee.


Hold two kettlebells at the shoulder level without resting them on your shoulders. Now, slowly bend your knees and form a proper squat position. Do not arch your back while bending and straightening.

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