Tyre’d Up

Tyre’d Up

Who could have imagined that the tyres which make a vehicle mobile can make our bodies mobile and fit as well? Tyres are one of the manliest equipment one can find in any gym these days, which have been made popular by Hollywood hunks like Dwayne Johnson and Chris Hemsworth. They effectively guarantee a full-body workout, for that desirable shredded and chiselled look. This versatile equipment works well for both the upper and lower body, and strengthens the core muscles too, which are useful for both bulking up and getting lean. A tyre can be used to perform a variety of exercise, and by increasing the weight and breadth of the tyre, it can also become a good weight training tool. After regular use, you will see a hike in your endurance levels and the definition of your physique. Here are the most badass exercises that you can perform with the help of a tyre.

  • Step-Ups / Quick feet

A great cardio workout which will leave you sweating in no time, and is one of the fastest ways to pump up your heart rate for a perfect warm-up. For this exercise, quickly alternate each foot between the top of the tire and the floor. This exercise trains the legs and hips, along with the quads and glutes. The level of explosiveness with which you do the quick steps will make you aware of the level of stamina and power that you possess. 

  • The Sledgehammer 

This exercise is beneficial for relieving stress while simultaneously giving you better coordination, kinetic awareness and control. Swinging the sledgehammer utilises all your upper-body and core muscles, as well as builds lower body power, thereby pumping up the heart rate. To perform this workout, stand in a regular stance with the torso aligned with the hips. Lift up the hammer with both hands and hit the tyre with as much force as possible. You can start with around 10 to15 repetitions, and increase the count over time.

  • Tyre Flips

Tyre flips are great for toning your arms, shoulders and chest, which makes it a classic tyre exercise, preferred by athletes and wrestlers. While it may look relatively easy, if done properly, it can be the path to your fitness goal. Simply squat down, lift the tyre and then flip it. Make sure to maintain a flat back and a head-up posture at all times, otherwise you can injure your lower back. The heavier the tyre the more effective the results will be, as you get the benefits of a weighted squat, with upper-body use as well.

  • Deadlifts

Deadlifts are the godfather of all exercises as they target your waist, backside, glutes and lower back, while channelling your core muscles as well. It is a powerlifting movement that can help you build a stronger physique. Just stand inside the tyre, and with both the hands, lift the tyre up as explosively as possible while maintaining an erect chest at all times. Beginners can do around 3 sets of 10 repetitions each.

  • Incline Pushups

This simple chest workout is great for warming up for the main routine, with the major difference between a normal pushup and a tyre one being the engagement of the core. For this exercise keep your feet shoulder-width apart and place both hands on the thin wall of the tyre in a plank position. Lower your upper body down to the tyre, bend your elbows and then push back to the initial position. You can do 3 to 4 sets of 20 repetitions each for best results.

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