The Man Behind Comic Con: Jatin Varma

The Man Behind Comic Con: Jatin Varma

FHM: Where did the idea of Golden Kela Awards come from?

Jatin: From an edit conversation around an article to spoof Bollywood films, for a magazine I was publishing back in 2008. I used to publish, Random, a humour magazine. As part of doing a bit on Indian films, we thought of creating an awards section. However, we then decided to take it a step up and actually do an award ceremony. The idea was to get some publicity for the magazine and have fun. We were lucky enough to get Jaspal Bhatti as a guest; he graciously received his lifetime achievement award for horrible film making & acting. The magazine has long since shut down, but the awards continue. We are now in our 9th year. 

Why did you decide to call it Golden Kela and not Golden Banana?

Because Kela sounds funnier. 

Has any celebrity come to receive the award ever?

Yes, we have, over the years, had the likes of Jaspal Bhatti, Cyrus Broacha (he even agreed to host it after winning an award). We had Anvita Dutt accept her award for Worst Lyrics for a song called Ishq Wala Love, a few years back. We also had Abhishek Sharma (Director of Tere Bin Laden & Shaukeens) accept his Bawra Ho Gaya Hai award for Shaukeens. We used to give out Anti-Kelas — for films that were genuinely good — to receive those we have had the likes of Vishal Bhardwaj, Habib Faisal, Advaita Kala show up for the ceremony. 

But the most important celebrity till date has been Kanti Shah. He came over to receive the Platinum Kela Award for his body of work. We were in awe of him.

If there was a war between Marvel and DC Universe, which group do you think would beat the shit out of the other?

I think it will be a pretty even fight, I don’t see either side winning.

What can we expect out of the following in the coming years?

A. Comic-Con India: The existing shows are going to grow bigger with tonnes of content, creators, celebrities and comics. We’ll also be adding new shows, taking the concept to new cities. We also plan to expand the presence of gaming at our shows.

B. Golden Kela: The Kelas will continue as is. There are no grand plans or expansions as it’s not a business. It’s something that I produce for fun. It will continue year on year as I don’t see Bollywood stopping from churning out the trash.

What would you do if you were stuck in a lift with the following comic characters?

A. Wonder woman

B. Black widow

C. Cat Woman I doubt we’ll be stuck for long keeping in mind their abilities. So, I’d certainly look forward to being rescued by them in each case!

If you were to choose one from the names down below to be the brand ambassador for Golden Kela, who would you choose and why? A. Himesh Reshammiya, B. Kamal R Khan, C. Ram Gopal Verma

None of them, Kelas have standards to maintain.

If you were to give Golden Kela to the following comic characters, which awards would you give to which of these characters?

A. Batman: Bawra Ho Gaya Hai Ke Award for Batman V Superman

B. Iron Man: Bas Kijiye Bahut Ho Gaya Award

C. Hulk: Why are you still trying Award for all the Hulk Films and in case they decide to make another one.

D. Wolverine: I’d give him the Bawra Ho Gaya Hai Ke Award for the Micromax commercials.

Have you ever been awkward in front of a celebrity after giving him/her the worst actor/actress award?

Not really, in all the interactions that have happened over the years, everyone who came to the show understood the format and had a sense of humour. Also, most people do realise that the films are bad, but they still make money because the audience laps it up. So, at the end of the day the true winners of the kelas each year are the audience that watches these films.

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