Tryst With Showbiz: Jay Bhanushali

Tryst With Showbiz: Jay Bhanushali

Starting your career with Kayamath, you steered towards reality shows as a host. How has your journey been so far? 
The journey has been nice. I always believed that it was easy to become a star on television, but to maintain that status is the most difficult part. I’m happy that from Kayamath till now, people have always loved my work, and I keep getting different tasks to do. I’m glad that people enjoy the kind of work that I do. 

You are currently hosting Superstar Singer, which is a singing reality show for children to showcase their talent. According to you, how is a regular reality show different from a kids’ reality show? 
The best part about Superstar Singer is that the contestant gets a chance to perform with talented and known professional singers of the music industry. In a kids’ reality show, children are guided under the supervision of renowned singers. Also, it’s always fun while shooting with little kids as they keep everybody entertained. 

Is it easier to play a character or to portray yourself on stage? 
Well, it’s difficult to play yourself on stage. Playing a character is a little bit easier. There is a difference in both of them. For instance, when on stage I need to entertain the audience and everyone who is a part of the show, even if I am in a bad mood. But when you’re talking about being a character, there are thousands of retakes, which you can afford to lose. There are so many people from directors to creatives to every single person guiding you to give a perfect shot. On the contrary, when you’re anchoring there is no guidance. Being on stage does not require spoon-feeding. You need to be spontaneous enough.

You and Mahi were eagerly waiting for your little bundle of joy. How does the transformation from a bachelor to a husband and now a dad feels? 
Yes, Mahi and I are very excited and happy about the new entry in our lives. I can totally understand the responsibilities of being a father and hope that our baby girl finds all the happiness in the world.  

Your last movie was Ek Paheli Leela (2015). What’s happening on the film front?
I am an actor who loves to do successful and good roles. I do get affected if something of my project doesn’t work, whether it’s on TV, films or anything. So, I believe, if I’m doing something, it should be worth devoting several months or one year to. I am a little choosy in this case as I don’t want to be a part of bad films. I would rather wait for the right project and do things that are suitable for me professionally. 

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