Kiss your tension goodbye

He walked silently into my room, his actions were stiff. With stress pasted into every inch of his face and body, he recited his story of worries, depression, lack of satisfaction, and over-work. He looked near to tears. My brother needed a cure to the toxin that was killing him; the 'toxin' was tension and pressure.


I immediately gave him a fidget spinner – a gadget well known for relieving stress. But was it helpful?



Negative thinking can be a habit of mind. Feelings sink in and stay there till you take any action to get rid of them. Stress is a nasty truth of life. After years of managing work, I can tell you that when I’m stressed, I’m not that pleasant to be around. Defeating negative thoughts is one of the main battles you might bump into. It isn’t that you have a mind full of over-eager negative thoughts. Our mind is for all time on red alert to converse with a negative influence. Fortunately there are many sensible things you can do to help yourself stop the negativity.


Smile, tell a joke, or memorise a funny story. Laughing at yourself can never be a bad thing either. You can also relax your thoughts by taking three deep breaths. Stop what you are doing, get your feet attached to the ground, and breathe profoundly. Don’t rush, breathe in and out, and plan your next move.


And guys, there is a great way to relieve stress i.e. sex. The benefits include release of endorphins and other hormones that elevate mood, which itself is a successful stress reliever. Exercise can also alleviate your mood. Smart workout fanciers have been doing this for years.


What else? A change in scenery, even walking out of the room you are in, can move the mind to new thoughts patterns. Stand up and walk away from the situation and find something new to focus on. Get those weird thoughts out of your head. You can also write your worries. Once you have done this, crumple up the piece of paper, rip it up, and throw out that list.


You can also find an artistic channel for your thoughts. Draw or paint. As long as you’re using your creativity, you can get rid of your damaging thoughts.  

I hope you can put some of these into your daily practice. The mind might be a powerful thing but it isn’t always worth listening to. 

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