Bollywood best bodies

Our Bollywood dreamboats however, take themselves beyond their limits when it comes to their health and fitness. How? A glance at their work out schedule is enough to influence any soul to follow their personal goals. The deep work out is something which is the best quest for fitness. So these pictures of the most intense actors will provoke you to hit the gym right now!


 Akshay Kumar

The certified trainer in martial arts, his body shows his love for fitness. There is no doubt that this B town action hero has strong passion for gyming.



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John Abraham

Blessed and well-equipped with intense and breathtakingly killer looks, John works out in creative ways to achieve and maintain his muscular body. In addition to work out our Dhoom hero loves bike riding.



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Hrithik Roshan

The Greek God, heart hacker of the ladies, super hero of the kids and role model of most of the men - he is one of the fittest actors of the B town. His intense work out and precise training is the reason of his hard rock, perfectly structured body.



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Salman Khan

Last but not the least the ‘Bhai’ of B town left no stone unturned for his fitness love. His chiseled and well-built body is a proof that he considers his workout really seriously.



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