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Getting lean muscles is the most recent challenge faced by fitness enthusiasts and even by those who are not into body building. Lean Body Mass which is also known as (LBM) is proportionate to the total bone and muscle weight of a person minus the fat mass. Maintaining a lean body mass is considered to be a healthy option because muscle being metabolically active, increases your rate of metabolism. A greater muscle mass provides great strength and dexterity. In order to maintain a muscle mass, a person’s diet needs to be dominated by protein rich nutrients, thus reducing the caloric intake. Getting a lean body has its own set of densities and lean mass can be yours only if you are willing to put in all the extra efforts. There are plethora of workouts available to help you develop a lean body. These workouts when performed under the guidance of a trained professional shows great results on your body. Lean body totally depends on the percentage of your body fat. Hence one needs to keep a track of the current fat you have lost.

Bodyweight training is a blend of pushups, pull ups and un-weighted squats. Bodyweight exercises are extremely popular because of their versatility and its ability to build and strengthen lean muscles. One of the most functional ways of building lean muscles is decreasing the speed during the eccentric training. Eccentric training helps building our lean muscles to a great extent. The muscle will not be fully fatigued if you have only been focusing on concentric training. The advantage of lying the focus on the eccentric phase is it upsurges the time under tension. 

Remember, the eccentric phase of a lift occurs when the muscle lengthens. This is the down motion of the bench press, biceps curl, or squat. The concentric phase of the lift occurs when the muscle shortens, as in the up motion of the bench press, biceps curl, or squat.

Let’s have a look at the methods used to perform eccentric training to achieve a lean body.

1.      Inter-Rep Eccentric Training ---- In this form of training you are focused on executing a slow eccentric i.e. 5 to 10 seconds per rep.

2.      Eccentric-Only Training – Here you totally refrain from working the concentric.

3.      Post-Set Eccentric Training - Here, you only focus on the eccentric. In case you are performing pull ups you do as much reps as you can. Once you are no longer able to perform any more reps, you jump straight into eccentric reps. 

If you want a speedy way to build lean muscles and gain a well-toned physique, you must try doing the high intensity interval training. Considered to be one of the most preferred method to get a lean body by reducing some pounds, this workout technique is less time consuming. It further helps to curb calories and develop muscles that burn fats. Also lifting heavy weights gives you lean legs and well-defined arms. 

Let’s leaf through some of the effective workout techniques designed to offer you a lean body mass.

Single Leg Deadlift is a form of exercise that aims at targeting the glutes and hamstrings. All you need to do is pick up a pair of dumbbells having an overhand grip. Hold them in front of your thighs at an arm’s length. While you stand, your feet, hips and knees should bend slightly, with the weight being shifted into one leg. Without any alteration in the bend of your knees, try coming parallel with the floor by bending your hips and lower torso. This form of workout will perfectly enhance your muscles and give a good lift to your booty, but just ensure your back should be arched naturally throughout the movement. 

In Split Squat Jumps you have to be in a position where both your knees are bent and your front knee has to be exactly above your ankle. This should be followed by jumping off the ground, and then landing in a lunge position with your other foot being forward. Ensure you are swinging your arms forward during your jump. These jumps will boost your lean body muscles. 


Squat to Press is an excellent exercise if you wish to have lean thighs and a well-shaped hamstring. For this workout you will need a set of dumbbells and have to stand with your feet hip-width apart. Shift your hips backwards and lower down yourself into a squat. Once you are back to standing, the weights need to be pressed overhead and its back needs to be lowered to the height of the shoulder. 

Doing Broad Jumps helps burn calories at a faster rate, it also enhances your heart rate and engages your muscles to perform better. When you do broad jumps, your feet need to be hip-width apart when you stand and knees should be bent. Bend your knees further more by extending your arms behind you. Now take a broad jump forward, with your arms swinging forward. Ensure you land softly in an athletic position.


One must note that leaning out isn't about discomfort and deprivation. It's about arming yourself with a resource of knowledge and taking control of your body with the right intake of proteins and right kind of workout techniques.​

By: Rakesh Udiyar (Celebrity Trainer & Fitness Expert)

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