Self-pleasure + health benefits, whatta deal!

Sex needs and desires mostly arise early in the morning. And it should be fulfilled whether your partner is available or not. Studies have shown that it is good for health as well as an important part of self-pleasure. FHM India has come up with surprisingly amazing benefits of male masturbation in terms of self-pleasure and health.


Give wings to your self-esteem and confidence. It will help you understand what turns you on, and can help your sex life as well.



It’s a mood booster

It can lower blood pressure in stressful situation. Masturbation helps fighting stress and tension of daily life.



It helps to improve sleep

Not only avoiding certain foods can improve your sleep but masturbation can also help in terms of improving your sleep. It relaxes the body which helps one to hit the bed immediately.



It makes you stronger

With growing age, muscles naturally start losing. So, regular masturbation can help one to prevent the muscles with the growing age.



It improves your immune system

Masturbation also improves immune functioning by increasing cortisol levels which can control immune functioning in small doses.


It helps to avoid prostate cancer

According to a latest research, masturbation flushes out all the disease causing toxins that build up in a man’s urogenital tract and can cause cancer.


So, guys don’t feel shy about doing something which not only accompanies you in your stressful times but can also help to fight incurable diseases. 

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