Getting down with your bad self

power of your hand

Lots of people masturbate! Yes, it’s true... Even if they don’t talk about it, it’s ordinary for people of any sex or age to do it.


The history of masturbation isn’t precisely a pleasant one as it was used to be considered vicious to living a good and ethical lifestyle, so it didn’t just make you an evil person in the eyes of the society, but it was also considered to spoil your state of mind.


Hey, don't bother because it's common, it doesn't make you filthy and it's natural for both men and women. But here are some fun facts that you might not have known about the act of masturbation.


  • It isn’t just for horny teens and adults - kids can also pamper themselves in a little self-pleasure (which frankly sounds so eerie, I can’t even believe I actually wrote it).
  • Vibrators are repeatedly used by women during masturbation, and they’ve been using them for a long time.
  • You can beat insomnia by masturbating. You’ll feel sleepy after you masturbate because it relaxes you.
  • Research has found that, in men, masturbation to orgasm is linked with improved immune system functioning.
  • Single people probably masturbate less than people in relationships. Hehe!!
  • Women can bring themselves to orgasm without even touching ourselves! Crazy, right?

Now let the climaxing begin!

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