Attention Men! We have the ultimate skincare guide

Hey, guys! Are you looking for effortless ways for your skin care? Then say thanks to FHM because you are at the right place, here you can explore the simplest mediums for daily skin care.


As we all know men want to keep everything simple and effortless, so their looks. And why not! But in order to keep everything simple in terms of their appearance most guys usually forget to take care of their skin and consciously or unconsciously they feel bad about it and look for the undemanding ways to protect their skin.


Proper skin care is not only for women or men, it’s for all. It should be a habit that everyone must follow religiously no matter what your gender is. Of course, nobody has time to spend hours in the salon or spa but there are few easy ways to keep your skin healthy. From the little yet concerning spectrum FHM India is sharing few tips to keep your skin stunning with the simplest steps. 



Cleanse your skin only twice a day

Cleansing skin twice a day with cleanser that suites your skin, can help you to get rid of unwanted dirt, impurities, oil and debris that can pile up on the skin throughout the day. Also cleansing can lead to brighter looking complexion.


Don’t forget to apply moisturiser

Skin needs hydration on regular basis, especially after exfoliating, cleansing and most importantly after shaving. Since shaving can most of the times lead to itching and irritation, so it’s vital to apply moisturiser that helps to avoid additional discomfort on the skin.



Make sure to apply UV ray protection

Be it summers or winters applying sunscreen is must. It not only protects skin from getting tan but also keeps unwanted skin problems away. Thoroughly apply it on your face to neck, arms and the visible body parts.


Drink water

As we all know to keep skin glowing and refreshing drinking water is the best way. Drinking water not only brings glowing skin but also healthiness in the body and flushes out all the additional body issues.  

Keep everything simple including your skin care!

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