The healthiest food for men

You know why it is being said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Venus is a hot planet and in comparison, Mars is quite in a cooler side. The comparison between men and women is quite suitable because women are emotion driven whereas men are well thought-out. Apart from their nature, their nutritional needs are also different.


The way women body needs specific nutrients and minerals during pregnancy or for prevention of breast cancer, similarly, men also need particular nutrients that can help them sustain their muscle mass, prevent prostate cancer, and other diseases.


With the help of experts and thorough research, FHM India has come up with some food that helps men to improve and maintain their health.




Banana is the good source of instant energy and potassium. It helps to regulate blood pressure, heartbeat, and nerves. The diet rich in potassium helps to prevent one from a stroke.



Brazil nuts

These nuts are packed with nutrients such as magnesium – powerful antioxidants which may help prevent protect prostate, heart disease and many other health issues.



Berries and cherries

Berries and cherries of blue, red and violet colours are good for health. These fruits are the jewels for the body as they are full of health benefits.




A cruciferous family vegetable such as broccoli is a great source to prevent heart disease, cancer and improve health in many ways. Broccoli is power package of beta-carotene, potassium, vitamin C which has well-assembled anticancer properties. Broccoli is not only a super vegetable but also a tasty vegetable.


As they say ‘prevention is better than cure’ you people should start eating some healthy and yummy food from today.


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