Myths about women’s body that men have!

The entire universe has so many misconceptions about women’s body. Women’s body is almost a mystery to many of you guys. FHM India has come up with some surprising facts that will blow your mind away.


Women breasts are symmetrical

Both the boobs are actually nearly never equal. Although the difference between them might not be noticeable, there is always a difference. The difference is not even visible to most of the women.



Excessive pain in periods is normal

Periods cramps are something which is normal but excessive pain is not normal. Excessive pain could be a symptom that a woman might be suffering from an ovarian cyst or any other serious ovarian issue.


Urethra & Vagina both are the same thing

Urethra and vagina are not same, both are different. Just because they are located approximately near to each other doesn’t mean they are same. Through vagina, women do intercourse and with urethra women pee. Women don't pee out of their vaginas.


Menopause is only a women’s problem

Women get menopause when testosterone increases and estrogen decreases in the body. Similarly, men experience andropause (Men menopause).


So, guys clear the shelves of your mind about women’ body which you have piled up with so many misconceptions and store some accurate knowledge about it.  

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