Why does Cupertino’s latest offering work for me? iPhone 7+ review

iPhone 7 plus review

The 7 plus definitely looks great, but what does it have beyond that...

I have been writing about consumer technology for over a decade now. When I started dishing out opinion, Apple handsets didn’t exist. It was Nokia all the way. Samsung was struggling with an identity crisis and was not sure if it should go for fashion statements claiming to make the thinnest handsets... but then also bundle up an extra battery in the box. The Taiwanese brand, HTC used to make some dope devices and then we had the Moto mania.


Over the years, I have seen and used all kinds of mobile handsets that varied in shape and smartness. Having done that, I have also reached a point where I know exactly what I want in my hands. My device should be such that even after grilling it for 2 long years, there shouldn’t be an iota of dip in its performance. And that’s where the Samsungs, HTCs and the other Android-run devices fail. I don’t care if they have a heart of a Ferrari or the exclusivity of a Bugatti. All that I want is the consistency of a Toyota. From day zero to the day thousand, I will give my phone the hardest time but it shouldn’t crack. And that’s why I like Apple. Forget the design, the price, the brand, its features... What it does for me is not slow me down. It doesn’t make me wait... It serves me and not the other way round.


And just like every other Apple device, I have used over the years, the iPhone 7 Plus does just that... serve my needs without wasting a second. I am sure you might say that X has a better camera, Y has way superior specs and Z has all that with a ridiculously low price tag. But what’s the point if after six months all that remains of those smartphones is an empty shell that requires a jump start every now and then.


So frankly, I am not planning to dissect the 7 Plus feature by feature to tell you what’s good about it. The day an Apple device slows me down, that’s when I take it to the OT and rip it to shreds... Till then, it’s apple for me.


This is my personal opinion, you are all welcome to rip it apart.


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