Everyone Envies This 16-Year-Old Boy. Here's Why!

Everyone Envies This 16-Year-Old Boy. Here's Why!

The world is one happy family and nature is its gift to all. Capturing nature can be a great hobby however, only the the most talented ones can do justice to it. Germany-based, 16-year-old Jannik Obenhoff is one such kid who has been blessed with the sheer skill of capturing nature in its full glory. With over 333k followers, the young avid traveller, nature-lover and wanderer, Jannik is famous among travellers and explorers and his followers seem to love him and his work. 

Jannik started photography as a hobby at the age of 13 and since then, the boy has never looked back. His Instagram account describes him simply and truly, "Just a boy with a camera, 16 y/o based in Munich, Germany".

We decided to dig his Instagram account to give you the purest and the most treasured pleasure of seeing nature at its best. Here's a bit of Germany and the world he has travelled for you. 

 “If you won’t go out and explore, you won’t see how beautiful nature can be!”



2. This photo doesn't need a caption.


3. One of the best roads i've ever seen, the Maloja Pass.


4. After an one hour walk down to the lake, we were rewarded with this sunrise view!


5. Always wanted to visit this sweet restaurant in Switzerland.


6. Camping in front of this glacier was a special experience.


7. I had an amazing time in this city (Venice).


8. I will go to Venecia tomorrow, who knows some good photo spots ?


9.  Lago di Braies still in my mind...


10. The Ice Chapel, a breathtaking place at the bottom of the Watzmann.

Isn't this teenager living his life king size? 


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