Myths about your smartphone’s battery!

Most of you are doing many things with phone battery wrong. Here we present four most common myths associated with your smartphone’s battery.


Myth: Before plugging in your battery to charge it, you should completely discharge it.


Fact: Draining your battery to 0 percent and then charging it back can be very harmful. So make sure to charge your phone in short bursts.



Myth: Don’t charge your phone while sleeping as it can burst.


Fact: Your mobile is not a power hungry beast that can explode when overcharged. Modern technology has worked wonderfully, which means when your phone will be fully charged then it will automatically stop charging. There is no harm charging your phone while sleeping.



Myth: Reboot your phone only when it gets hang.


Fact: Your mobile’s life decreases over the time if you never restart your device. You should properly turn it off once in a while.



Myth: Don’t use your phone while it is on charge.


Fact: It is perfectly fine using your phone while on charging as there is no particular effect on its battery. But never use your phone when you are taking bath if it is on charge.




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