Bloke Test: Salman Yusuff Khan

Can he pass the manliest test ever?

1. Have you ever stared someone out?
I have, but in such a way that they would never know! My wife is the only one who can catch me doing this!

Not Bloke no

2. Ever followed through on an exuberant fart?
And gotten away with it very nicely! The trick is to be cool, calm and composed. I usually am that way, so at times like these, the temperament totally helps.

Bloke yes

3. What are the first three things that you go about checking out in a woman?
Good skin, good smell, good teeth. The way she takes care of her basic hygiene says a lot!

Bloke yes

4. What’s the strangest thing you’ve drunk from?
I don’t drink. But if it counts then I have had watermelon juice straight from the fruit. It was huge, but very yummy.

Bloke yes

5. Have you ever had a successful naughty video chat session?
(Haha) you would...

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