Unforgettable island experiences within the city

Urban residents are increasingly looking for the ideal vacation homes, and the reason is obvious. In a city that never sleeps, finding a patch of quiet contemplation is an absolute luxury.

Since leaving on a jet plane just isn’t the most feasible solution, the urban consumers are increasingly on the lookout for homes that ensure the tranquility of the escape while remaining seamlessly connected to their daily life.

Providing a solution for this growing demand, Raheja Universal developed Raheja Exotica: The Ocean City. This exclusive gated community, situated within the metro at Madh Island, offers the perfect balance of the sea and the city.

Spread across 37 acres, the Mediterranean-inspired development delivers the complete resort experience encased in panoramic views. Beginning the day with a splendid sunrise over sparkling waters, here, one can take in exquisite vistas of the ocean and the city skyline.

Enjoy a refreshing swim in Laguna, step out for a delicious breakfast under trellised gazebos at the Café, catch up with friends for lunch at the on-site restaurant, host memorable soirees  in the expansive amphitheatre, and much more.

(Raheja Exotica clubhouse)

With an array of hand-picked amenities immersed in natural resplendence, Raheja Exotica gives ‘urban living’ an all-new meaning.

And what’s more, the upcoming Bandra-Versova sea-link extension, as well as the upcoming Versova-Madh bridge have made the region a hotbed for investments. So it’s no wonder that these dream residences are in high demand.

Currently, Madh Island is just 500 meters away from the mainland. Surrounded by tranquil ocean views, the resplendent development curates a realm of lush conveniences. Seamlessly connected to the city, yet removed from its frenzy, The Ocean City is a world of its own.

With Raheja Exotica, Raheja Universal has created a benchmark in everyday resort living. Having been adding to the urban skyline for over three decades, this leading developer is known for pioneering luxury with a meticulous attention to detail, and this Madh Island development shows you just why.


So what are your thoughts? Would you like to live the resort life within the city?

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