5 Inked Beauties of Instagram


Instagram is full of beautiful tattooed women. But they are not just models or pretty girls who happen to have some random ink. Their ink is a part of their whole look and persona.They are true inked models, not just girls who are jumping on the Instagram bandwagon for attention. Check out this list of tattooed girls from Instagram and follow away to your heart’s content.



Sabina Kelley–An international pinup model and judge on Oxygen's TV Show "Best Ink", Sabina has created quite a stir in the world of Instagram with her gorgeous inked pictures. With an ever increasing fan base, this tattoo junkie has close to 203k followers today.

Instagram Handle - @sabinakelley



Cleo Wattenstrom– A traveling tattooer from Sweden, this artistic beauty has tattoos inked all over her body. Now based in LA, she is a successful model. Her tattoos are a sight to behold and all her 192k followers agree with us.

Instagram Handle - @cleowattenstrom



Angela Mazzanti – With over 172k followers, this tatted beauty is a model and a photographer based in LA. We love it when she flaunts her perfectly inked body for the #Igers. Follow her to learn to live life queen size.

Instagram Handle - @angela_mazzanti



Rockwell DeVil

Her insta profile describes her as being a professional model and an international dancer. She is also a Kustomville designer and a VLV pinup contest host and organizer. With a fan base of 14.1k followers, this multi-talented girl it set to make it big.

Instagram Handle - @therealrockwell



Lucy Ford – In addition to her beautiful tattooed photos, you will also see art of all kinds, pop culture references, adorable shots of her dog and some other cool random shots. With 13.3k followers, she is pretty popular amongst #Igers.

Instagram Handle - @anna_maniac


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