Big cousin is watching you

Big cousin is watching you

Everyone seems to have an opinion about everything around. But when those opinions metamorphose into tenets and then into instructions, it starts to get bugging.

Oh! For crying out loud, stop treating me like a kid!” Karan snapped at his mother and took off the woollen hat that she had forced upon his head. Karan is an investment banker and is married for 7 years. He lives in a chic building in Gurgaon, drives a Chevrolet Cruze and holidays in Seychelles. Cutting the crap, he is a grown-up man, responsible enough to take care of himself and his family, and occasionally gets irritated when treated like a fledgeling. Imagine sliding your feet in his loafers. A constant monitor hovering over your head all the time, telling you what you can and can’t do. Chances are, sooner or later, you will snap too. The only difference between hypothesis and reality is that you ARE Karan and there are several mothers policing everything you should be exposed to. And you don’t even know it. Let’s get into the how:

All India ‘Bakchodi’ explains bakchodi as “a Hindi slang word used by mostly north Indians. Refers to baseless gossips, gossips with no foundation.” There is hardly a nook or corner in the country where a conversation passes without some bakchodi. Some platforms like political rallies, informal gatherings and most of the cinema, is exclusively about this light-hearted gossip. No set of instructions have been chalked out about the language used in this mindless ranting. So, we hear a kaleidoscope of cuss words while sipping tea, while waiting for an auto or while eavesdropping on a conversation among friends on the road. No one gives a shit about who gets offended when a certain kind of vocabulary is thrust upon them WITHOUT CONSENT.

Monitor's Whip

Karan must not be subjected to bad language on tv or youtube, where he has the option to switch it off, or simply not click on a ‘bad’ link at all. But for everything that he has no control over, it’s OK. #AIBroast.

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