An Edible Treasure: Oheka

An Edible Treasure: Oheka

The stylish and upbeat interior of Oheka, a Mumbai-based restaurant will truly floor you. The restaurant has an attractive appeal of its own, with a somewhat vintage vibe and a touch of luxury, elegance, and opulence. Easily able to accommodate 150 people at a time, Oheka is the only standalone restaurant to have a pool inside the venue. Talk about Instagram-worthy selfies and innumerable good times with friends and family. The restaurant has a magnificent variety of signature cuisines from around the world that are infused with fine nuances of modern and contemporary flavours. The intimate cocktail den and a comfortable social bar will heighten your experience. The brainchild of restaurateurs Ashish Mehta, Chirag Wadhwa, Sachin Kalra and Nijaal Shah, all are of the view that while the ambience is chic and funky, the food promises to be full of flavours along with quirky concoctions, Hence, Oheka is a perfect amalgamation of a place where there is something for everyone.   Designed by the architectures of the modern epoch, Zara Eisa and Rohan Poojara visualised Oheka to be a truly picturesque space where every frame is worth appreciating. Their vision was to make the place uniquely recognisable by every Mumbaikar and anyone visiting Oheka through the power of social media. Every nook and corner features never seen before artefacts, with a collection of energetic colours and a skilful play of contrasting elements. Furthermore, with the use of seven distinct kinds of marble on the floor along with a birdcage seat and curated artworks, the architects have guaranteed patrons would come back again and again with a delightfully etched memory of their dining experience. Oheka also presents you with a marvellous collection of music to keep you company and mouthwatering food choices, which extends from Indian to European along with a few legendary recipes and dishes with a twist of Asian zing. We talk to Ashish Mehta, Chirag Wadhwa, Sachin Kalra, and Nijaal Shah, the founders of Oheka about their ardent dedication towards the restaurant and what makes it one of the best places to dine in Mumbai. Edited excerpts from the interview.

What is the best part of dining at Oheka?

The secret is spot on food flavours and a level where people and the customers can feel the comfort level and at the same time connect with the food. We have kept our menu designed in such a way that there is something for everyone and one can come visit again and again to experience different stuff such as amazing brunches, live Wednesday nights, ladies nights, pool parties over the weekend, etc. Our drinks and alcohol are also based on vintage meet quirk meet straight-up concoctions, which are high on flavour and presentation. Of course, our service and hospitality will also play an important role in retaining customers.

How many ranges of cuisines and alcohol does Oheka provide?

Oheka serves a range of popular cuisines ranging from wood-fired oven pizzas, regional Indian fusion to contemporary European. We look to target a wide range of audience with this. Moreover, we serve all-day breakfast, healthy salads, and vegan and Jain options. In terms of alcohol, Oheka prides itself with an extensive alcohol listing especially with gin, owing to the loyal following. Our concoction is made keeping in mind the “zero wastage” policy i.e., using all parts of the raw material. The real star in the menu is the sugar-free cocktails targeted to the millennial’s looking at keeping their alcohol healthy. We also use a lot of dehydrated fruits in our concoctions.

What is the USP of the restaurant?

Oheka is the only standalone poolside bar in the city and that is where the USP stems from. Also, the pool is usable by paying the fee and can be used by anyone who visits Oheka.

Tell us about the future installations in the restaurant and how do you wish to scale things up for the restaurant?

In future, we are looking to host Sunday brunches with an extensive spread across cuisines. The long term goal of Oheka is to be present in all metro cities, keeping the same USP of a rooftop poolside resonating with the niche clientele that we target. The fact that the pool is usable for all our guests makes it unique and a place to spend all day at.

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