Can pumpkin pie turn me into a sex god?

Can pumpkin pie turn me into a sex god?

Find out which foodie aphrodisiacs really help you achieve sexual heroism…

We found seven foods that science boffs reckon possess the power to increase your dirty desires and persuaded an FHM guinea pig to chow them down to see what, if any, upped his heart rate to the point of sexual frenzy. We also brought along super pretty FHM Girlfriend Bryony to take notes and provide some A-grade flirting in a bid to make our readings more obvious (and make it a little less weird than a room of men waiting for another guy to report a tingling).

Boner-Popping Pumpkin Pie 70 Bpm

The claim: Just a whiff of one of the US’s finest desserts will have us tearing at our trousers.

Our results: Our man’s trousers could well have been on fire, but the rest of him seems to be falling asleep, with our first recorded drop in heart rate.

The science: The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago said that wafting a fresh pie under a man’s nose increased penile blood flow by 40%. Us Brits, however, seem unaffected.

Smoking-Hot Chillies 86 Bpm

The claim: Eating chillies mimics the human sexual response.

Our results: FHM guinea pig’s runny nose and desperate gasps for milk made this a pretty odd ‘sexual response’.

The Science: This induced randiness is caused by chemical irritant capsaicin.

Orgasmic Oysters 84 Bpm

The claim: These bi-valve molluscs were gobbled up by notorious lover Casanova. Our results: The slimy critters only muster a slight heart rate increase and a half-hearted smile.

The science: There’s little science to support this aphrodisiac save for the high zinc content, which is proven to up a man’s sperm count. We felt inclined to save the sperm count test for another day. 

A Hunk Of Dark Chocolate 91 Bpm

The claim: This Valentine’s staple gives you the same high that you get after sex.

Our results: FHM guinea pig’s feeling randy, with a rocketing heart rate and some unnerving giggling.

The science: Loads of libido-raising stuff is in this, including phenylethylamine, which causes the release of those ‘I’m so happy’ sex endorphins. We definitely saw them work their magic here. A real winner.

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