Beef It Up

Beef It Up

What schedule to follow?
It totally depends on what activity one enjoys. The primary way to build muscles is hypertrophy, which means breaking down the muscles by adding workload. It can be achieved with different styles of training. It could either be CrossFit, or the straight forward strength training and periodisation volume training. Mixing all of them up is a good idea. Doing strength and endurance training on alternate days keeps the body both fit and agile. It’s always good to be both strong and nimble at the same time and that’s where muscle endurance training comes in. Gymnastics is also a regime that should be followed extensively because it adds to the flexibility and fast responsive system of your body.

What exercises to do? 
Compound movements are the way to go. Bench presses (we all know that guys like chest day in their gym), squats (yeah, you gotta have a strong base), deadlifts, clean and press are the exercises that your regime should revolve around. These four movements, as compound movements, allow you to press more weight because they are multi-joint movements. One can pick any of the methods stated in the earlier routine and it pretty much leads to the same result, which is muscle building. You can always mix and match movements with isolation and HIIT workouts. Focus and consistency are the keys for the desired result.

How important are supplements?
Supplements aren’t magic foods. They are simply meant for adding the nutrients that you are not getting from your diet. So if you can’t get enough protein then you add that via supplements. A good dose of hydrolysed protein is a great post-workout supplement to give you an instant dose for recovery. However, you should never mistake supplements for muscle building. Make sure that your diet is top-notch, you’re eating clean meals and probably add a basic stack of supplements like a protein shake and multivitamins and you are good to go.

Any important tip to remember
Fitness starts with your mind first. You need to be a happy and positive person who has a great approach to life in general. That allows you to achieve a fit body. What you see on covers of fitness magazines shouldn’t be your goal, you should rather target to become a better version of yourself. Train hard, eat right, sleep well and love the people around you.

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