Brewing Issue

Brewing Issue

Is Beer Yoga really the answer to the fitness regimen you have been looking for all these years? The fitness fad that swept the world off its floor (or should we say gym mats) recently was“Beer Yoga” - a concept that took birth in Berlin, Germany when two enthusiastic yogis, Jhula and Emily, decided to marry the two things they love the most – beer and yoga. Something that soon blew up into a full-fledged fitness movement. Yoga but with a bottle of chilled beer. 

The idea behind this unique combination is that people turn to yoga for the same reason they indulge themselves in alcohol, for de-stressing and relaxation. Hence, they perfectly compliment each other, energising the experience even further.

This fun fitness routine is practised by holding a beer in one hand while doing asanas, allowing you to take a sip of the drink while burning the calories. Traditional yoga poses have been adapted accordingly, doing wonders to the mind, soul and body. It’s either balancing the bottle on the head or taking a few sips while settling into a pose. The poses include beer salutations, beer balancing and the beer bench. Safe to assume, there would be more people coming to the mat, who otherwise would have never considered exercising. 

Now the million dollar question. Does it really help you lose weight? Well, the whole process works on building heat up inside the body, creating a balance and finally cooling down with a bottle of lager. Beer has some benefits of its own like reducing heart attack risk and also protecting you against diabetes. There’s more to this philosophy than quite literally the bottoms up. Isn’t it?

With what started out as a fitness regime is now slowly evolving as an outlet for people to gather, enjoy, relax and even feel good about spending time with more people like themselves. Almost like a healthy bar, if we may say. “Beer is a fermented, high- calorie, high- sugar-loaded drink. It’s like the north pole and south pole, the whole concept doesn’t make sense to me. Beer makes you want to let your hair down and yoga requires a lot of discipline. It is obviously a fad but if it makes you feel good, then go ahead,” says nutritionist, Madhuri Ruia. The choice, of course, is yours.

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