Burn It Out

Burn It Out

01. Eat a grapefruit
They say eating half a grapefruit with every meal boosts the pace of burning body fat. Also, grapefruit blocks enzymes that assist in the storage of fat and carbs in the body. Some of the people who followed the famous Grapefruit Diet claimed to have lost 5-6 kgs in 12 days without forgoing their normal meals.

02. Stand up while you eat
Don’t sit while you are having your meals because research conducted by Mayo Clinic in the US suggested that standing up while eating burns more calories than sitting down. Also, it helps you stretch.

03. Eat spicy food
Not as spicy as they serve in dhabas, but eating spices like a chilli pepper or mustard seeds in mild quantities speeds up the metabolism. The world over, Indian curries are recommended to people who are eager to lose weight because our curries contain a variety of spices including cinnamon (just one teaspoon a day lowers blood sugar levels and cholesterol), black pepper (boosts fat burning by 8%) and mustard seeds (boosts metabolism by 20-25%). 

04. Fly a kite
Now is the time to start preparing for the kite flying contests that will start next month during the Independence Day celebrations because if you fly a kite for half an hour, you’ll burn 80 calories. It really works.

05. Take notes
For every hour you spend taking notes, you burn 46 calories. So it’s time you stop typing minutes of the meetings and start jotting down every piece of shit your boss says.

06. Laugh a lot
Every minute that you spend laughing with your friends helps you let go of 1.3 calories. In a recently published study in the International Journal of Obesity, it was found that laughing increases both your heart rate as well as the calorie expenditure by up to 20 per cent. Now that’s a lot.

07. Eat to lose weight
You’ll stop losing weight if you eat the restricted amount of calories for a very long time because your body gets accustomed to lower levels of calories, so it’s advisable that you should eat as much as you want to every two to three weeks to reset your metabolism. 

08. Fire the car cleaner
If you wash your car for just an hour, you’ll end up burning 400 calories. Now don’t say that cleaning isn’t fun.

09. Window Shopping
Walking in the park or on the treadmill could be shit boring, but it can be replaced with walking in and out of shops and trawling the mall. According to estimates, you can lose 100 calories if you shop for an hour. In fact, window-shopping is even better because you don’t have to actually stop to pick up things as you just keep walking. 

10. Get an exercise ball
If you replace your regular chair with an exercise ball, not only will your posture would improve, but also your muscles will constantly be engaged in order to maintain the balance on the ball. It’s a light workout, but a very effective one.

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