Outdoor Workouts To Stay Fit

Outdoor Workouts To Stay Fit

Many of us feel that working out at the gym is tiresome. Not everyone enjoys being confined in an enclosed space with lots of people sweating it out passionately. Here, it is important to note that the human body is designed to exercise in myriad ways and there is no one-size-fits-all mantra to keeping fit. 

Push It Some more
You would be surprised to know that humans can beat almost every animal in long-distance running, including racehorses. Our ancestors evolved to be marathon runners in the hot dry plains of Africa. We could stalk our prey relentlessly and would catch it after a long chase due to our tremendous stamina. It may be difficult to imagine that your ancestors spent time chasing down large animals, but that’s an evolution for you. Most of the times we performed physical activities in a natural fashion and in a natural habitat. Ancient humans walked around all day and frequently carried heavy objects. For them being normal meant being active.

The Gym and its Discontents 
Gymnasiums have been around for a while and have become increasingly popular in our crowded urban spaces. Many disciplined people work out at gymnasiums regularly to keep themselves fit. However, statistics show that 80 per cent of people ends up dropping out within six months. A regimented approach does not work for every person. Being too focused on routine exercise can hinder us from exploring the different methods of keeping fit. With a little bit of thought, you can start incorporating nimbleness in your everyday activities. Start by climbing the stairs daily. Walk to get groceries and do not sit in one position for too long. The aim is to get around as often as you can without thinking about it too much. Though this sounds easy, it takes Herculean effort to make minor lifestyle adjustments of this kind.

Here are a few tips to break the shackles of imposed workout and make fitness a natural part of your lifestyle:

Try Parkour: If the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about ‘Parkour’ is a guy running across the city in a cool fashion, then you are on point. Parkour is inspired by a military-style obstacle course. Speaking of Parkour, Ritu Kapoor, founder of Zenith dance says, “Parkour is a sport that requires agility and balance. It involves learning advanced jumping and balancing techniques. It is at a nascent stage in India but has a lot of enthusiasts. The benefit is that it makes you fit and flexible. We offer Parkour training in a safe environment so that our participants can gain confidence. Contrary to popular belief, there is no risk involved in learning Parkour. We conduct indoor and outdoor classes.” Side Effects: Spiderman like flexibility and a lot of job offers from gangs specialising in theft and robbery. 

Freeletics: Imagine training at your own convenience, using only your bodyweight! Sounds too good to be true? Well, that’s exactly what the Freeletics app offers. Freeletics is an ideal workout regimen for those who have busy lives, and prefer some quick high-intensity training on their own schedule. It is not a typical get fit program but is more of a lifestyle. To get started one needs to download the ‘Freeletics app’ and sign up for their programs. The mobile platform makes it a good choice for tech-savvy millennials. The app has various virtual coaches who provide nutrition tips and workout plans. The interesting aspect is that Freeletics practitioners feel more in control of their workout routines and are more engaged. Side Effects: Ripped physique and a curious affliction to start doing pushups while waiting for the lift.

Trekking: Possibly the best workout for those looking to cultivate a healthier lifestyle with an element of thrill. Speaking of trekking, Winner Pandey, founder of Mighty Himalayas says, “Trekking is a form of meditation. It is about discipline- physical, emotional and spiritual. Done right, it will not just shed a few kilos off your waistline, but will also purge you of all your negative emotions because it is a holistic exercise for the mind as well as the body. Fitness, after all, is not just external, it’s all-inclusive. While improving your stamina, trekking also tests your will-power and trains your mind to be in the present moment.” Side Effects: Spending lots of money for camping supplies.

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