Stay In, Stay Fit

Stay In, Stay Fit

Rain, rain go away, big Johnny wants to exercise. If this is what you have been humming, we have some good news for you. Don’t worry if you can’t hike by a picturesque hill or cycle on dirt tracks. Break down a serious sweat with regimes that do not need any equipment. Get your heart rate up without stepping out. in the rain.

Not a couch potato

Couch exercise is essentially working out with the assistance of your sofa sets. This functional form of workout requires nothing except your sofa set and is sure to relieve you from the hassle of stepping out to your gym for your crunches. Make your couch a tool for fitness and help accelerate your metabolic levels. The good news is that it can be done by beginners too as well as by those who regularly work out. For better results, try push-ups, side crunches, leg-up crunches, armchair stands and armchair dips with the help of your couch. Make sure that the couch is steady and leaning against a wall to avoid any possible injury.

Say your plank

If all you want is to strengthen your core muscles, this is the perfect exercise for you. And it does not need you to step out. Get yourself into a position of a push-up, without letting your arms bend and move down towards the floor. Hold on to the posture with your arms extended. Hold the same position for a time frame of about 30 seconds. Add an extra ten seconds every day to your plan regime. Time how long you are capable of carrying on with the workout. It’s a challenging workout but is best to fortify your core.

Step by step

It is perhaps the easiest (most advised) form of workout. You can take a flight of stairs, fast enough to break into a sweat. This can be performed even if you do not have access to a set of stairs. It can also be performed with the help of a study chair. Place the chair in front of your television set and step up and down, while enjoying your favourite shows. The exercise majorly helps in enhancing flexibility and agility.

Calling all lizards

Start the exercise by getting into the plank position with your hands (shoulder-width) apart. Now slowly lunge your left leg forward, place the left foot in a flat position on the ground outside of left hand. This should immediately be followed by switching legs, jumping left foot backwards and lunging right leg in the forward direction Carry on alternating legs as fast as possible. And there you are, performing some lizard hopping in the comfort of your home.

Bottled up

If you have always associated the gym with a perfect destination for your shoulder, arm and back strength training, you must give this indoor training a try. Within the limits of your home, you can make your own weights by filling up water bottles. If you feel making use of water bottles, is not making your exercise challenging enough, you can also use milk bottles or jugs. You can modify the workout to suit your level of fitness and capability by filling the jugs to the precise weight that you require. For making the task more challenging, increase the amount of water just a little bit each time you exercise.

Fight like a warrior

Warrior sculpt is an aggressive mix of yoga and weights, and usually good for those with an advanced level of fitness. While performing the warrior sculpt, you are required to think and act like a warrior. There are three variations of this pose: warrior I, warrior II and warrior III. It is an arrangement of standing poses that need the right mix of stability, physical strength and spiritual control. Warrior 1 is for beginners that work on the muscles in your upper arms, chest, shoulders and torso while strengthening your lower ends. Warrior II acts as a deep hip-opening stance. It delivers a powerful stretch as it concurrently works to tighten and tone your glutes and thighs. Warrior 3 is an intermediate-level balancing posture and is the most perplexing of all. This posture helps in building physical and mental robustness, helps in improving awareness, willpower and full-body coordination too.

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