Strong Is Sexy

Strong Is Sexy

A morning drizzle or evening showers during the monsoon might impede your daily walk. Its monsoon season and it can be crazy to step outdoors with all that rainfall. While you may be an outdoors person relishing a morning walk or a nice, long run, the monsoon - quite literally and metaphorically, can be mood spoiler. Nevertheless, this does not mean that your fitness will take a hike. Beat the rain and reach fitness goals. 

Jump rope 
I always thought jump ropes were for little girls, but boy, I was dead wrong. The other day I went to the park, I wasn’t able to take my eyes off this hot guy’s blistering rope techniques (with an insane pace). If you want a good cardio workout in a matter of minutes, try a jump rope. That guy inspired me to jump at least 2 minutes, but I jumped for 10 minutes. He made me love jump roping when I first saw him (Lol)!

The word itself makes some of us cry out in frustration, but this is one of the most effectual full-body exercises around. If you have 5 minutes, this is all you need for a quick fat-burner. 

Stair stepping 
There you have it, folks. Stair stepping is a great exercise to do in your home. It’s time to be fit as fiddle. 

The plank 
If you don’t have a lot of time, but you want to build up your core muscles, this is the exercise for you. Get into push-up position, but instead of bending your arms and moving down towards the floor, hold the position with your arms extended. Start off holding the position for 30 seconds, and add an additional 10 seconds every day. See how long you can go for - it’s definitely not easy! This is one of the most challenging exercises, but it’s also one of the best for your core. 

Mountain climbers  
It can be done virtually anywhere, and once, you’ve mastered the basic version, you can try it with your hands placed on an elevated surface. They tone the abs while increasing heart rate and working the hip flexors. The monsoon is celebrated to bring bliss and delight. We can plan our exercises, eat light food and welcome the rain god in a pleasant manner.

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