Tyre Breaker

Tyre Breaker

Have you ever thought of working out with tyres?  If you do not want to focus on one body part then try tyre workout. It is an interesting fitness training for muscle building and overall body strengthening. This workout helps in increasing the agility, and at the same time, it conditions your overall body. Once these exercises will become a part of your daily workout routine, your body will get used to them and you will see the benefits. Just like dumbbells and kettlebells, tyres also have different sizes and weights. Sudarshan Amkar, Senior Trainer, Reset- Holistic Living Concepts says, “Deciding the weight you want to use while you perform the tyring workout, is the most fundamental aspect of this exercise. For women, it is advisable to use weights anywhere between 100-300 pounds. This may differ on the basis of your strength and fitness goals. While men can use up to 300-500 pounds.” It is very crucial to warm up before the workout and cool down immediately after finishing. Pre and post-workout rituals will keep your fitness routine on track and maximise your results. 

“You can start by doing about five to ten minutes of easy aerobic movements that can help your body muscles to loosen up and will warm you up for your workout. Some good pre-tyre workout warm-up exercises include a little bit of stretching, jumping jacks, opposite toe touches and some leg exercises. Ensure you don’t rush your warm-up. You must breathe easily. If you feel yourself getting out of breath, you should immediately slow down. At the end of your workout, you should cool down and breathe for about five to ten minutes. Allow your breathing and heart rate to slowly return to normalcy. Drink water or sports drink to refill your lost energy”, says Sudarshan.

Benefits of tyre workout
All you need is an old tyre, for a fun-filled workout that is becoming an increasingly popular gym training program because it can be done by anyone. Tyre exercise improves speed, flexibility and strength. While working out, focusing on the lower body is equally important and this helps in stimulating muscle growth. These exercises help those who have experienced back or knee injuries. Lastly, if you are looking at shedding those unwanted calories, blending more than one tyre exercise can aid in making your body look as toned as it can possibly be. 

Tyre workout training is energy consuming and doing it the right way is very important. Therefore precautions must be taken at every step to make the most out of every exercise.  Start with lighter weights and keep increasing as you get comfortable. Pushing yourself to add weight will not help; give muscles time to relax and get used to heavyweights.  Sailendra S Raane, Director — Fitness division at Reset — Holistic Living Concepts says, “While performing a strength-training exercise like this workout, it’s very important for you to stay focused on form rather than weight. Your body must be aligned properly and must move effortlessly through each workout. Poor form can lead to unwanted injuries and delayed gains. Focus on a gradual and smooth lift and an equally measured descent while isolating a muscle group. You must always keep on challenging muscles by gradually increasing mass or resistance. The right weight for you varies, depending on the training. While performing these exercises you must always make use of your complete body to avoid falling prey to unwanted injuries.” Sailendra recommends the following exercises that can be done with the help of the tyre and mentions the correct way of doing them. You can also pick and choose from the exercises and add a handful of them into your existing fitness routine.

Tyre Flips
Tyre flips are known to work their magic on all the bases — back, legs, core, shoulders and arms. Just be cautious when you bend to pick the tyre up, in case you feel you require a light-weight tyre, you can always make the switch. While you perform the exercise, always start by keeping the tyre flat on the ground. Your fingers must be placed, under the tyre while it is in this position. Ensure your hands and feet are in a shoulder-apart position. By bending at the knees, you need to squat down deep. Pull up the tyre as you are about to return back to the standing position. The force that has been created by you should let you alter the position of your hand from pull to push. Now you must push the tyre in the forward direction. Once it is flat, replicate the process.

Tyre Jumps
The most functional form of exercise, tyre jumps helps in recovering your explosiveness for running and upturns your ability to jump vertically. Lay your tyre flat on its side like a box. With your feet being shoulder-width apart, you must face the tyre. Continue the exercise by slightly squatting down as if you are about to jump straight up in the air. As you leap onto the tyre, your arms are naturally going to swing in the backward direction and return forward. While you perform the exercise, ensure that both your feet land gently on the tyre since landing too fast can cause unwanted knee injuries.

The aim is to use a sledgehammer to make repetitive slams into a tyre. You have to drop your hips down to swing the sledgehammer into the tyre. Always ensure that you have lined up the head of the hammer on the centre of the tyre in front of you. Your feet must always be lined up about shoulder-width apart. As far as holding the handle is concerned, one hand must be on the top while the other needs to be close to the bottom. Keep revolving the hammer till it directly gets aligned over your head. With the hammer being overhead, it should feel light, this is where you start to concurrently drop your hips in the descending direction as your top hand slides toward the bottom, so extreme power can be created. Hold the hammer high on the rebound and then duplicate the motion. You can alternate sides once you get accustomed.

Pop Squats
By placing the tyre flat on the floor, one must stand in the hole of the tyre (centre). By slightly bending your knees you must hop in the upward direction in order to land on the tyre in the 90-degree squat with both feet on opposite sides of the tyre. By again hopping upwards, you must return to standing position inside the hole of the tyre. This is one repetition. Repeat the same. Performing this exercise will help you to target your quads, hamstrings, and core. Do plenty of these at a comparatively fast pace and you will also be able to enhance your cardiovascular stamina.

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