Bro Code - Amaan and Ayaan Ali Bangash

Sarod masters Amaan and Ayaan Ali Bangash may be poles apart (who could tell), but they make an unbeatable team. We catch up with the second genration sard maestros.


You share a strong bond. How were you as children?

Ayaan: We are fortunate to have been born in a family, where the language we were speaking and the air we were breathing was music-centric. We are just two years apart and things were happening to us around the same time, playing, learning, training, performing and touring. Because we are from the same field, we understand each other better. It has been easier to decode our issues and relate to our journeys. That made our bond stronger despite the fact that we are very different from each other as individuals.

Amaan: It’s always good to have a sibling and I’m fortunate to have my younger brother, Ayaan. He is my friend, companion and musical soulmate. We are each others’ best friend. He is very hard working; a great sarod player, an excellent composer, and musician. Together, we hope to fulfill our parents’ dream.

Do you think men bond differently than women?

Ayaan: It is tough to categorise a bond based on gender. If you connect with someone on various levels, things organically fall into place.

Amaan: Having a sister is definitely different from having a brother. With brother, you can share a lot of things, be it your clothes or conversations about your girlfriends. You become slightly protective of your sister.


What are the things that you absolutely love about your brother? Is there anything that you don’t?

Ayaan: He has this tendency to do things for others, which is admirable. Sometimes, he does go overboard! What I do not like is that he trusts people easily and ends up sharing a lot of personal things, even with someone he has met only a couple of times. This, I feel, could lead him into trouble. I would like him to be careful about this.

Amaan: I love his hardworking nature. His vocabulary is fantastic and he is a good speaker. He is very regular with his gym but does not follow too many advice from his instructor. He is also not keen on sports. There are nine things I love about him out of 10.

What comes first: love or friendship?

Ayaan: I think your love for your partner (in my case, my wife) is very different from the relationship you share with a sibling, so it’s difficult to compare the two.

Amaan: I have not really been in love with anyone (apart from music and my family), so...


Are there frictions? What keeps you guys going?

Ayaan: We do have issues sometimes, but we don’t let that affect our team spirit. We always look at the bigger picture. The inspiration to excel at our work and do newer things in every project we take up has kept us going as a team even today, and will hopefully continue to do so. Music is a constant evolution, so there is a long journey ahead of all of us and we hope to go on with flying colours. Inshah Allah!

Amaan: We work as individuals and also as a team, even as a trio with our father, and do a lot of different things in concerts. What keeps us going is the psychotic love for each other. I just love my family and that’s above everything else for me. My constant source of inspiration!

What’s your idea of summer fun?

Ayaan: It’s always nice to have family around... wife, children, brother, and parents. Going out on family vacations is the ideal way to spend holidays. It doesn’t matter you are going as long as you have with you the people you love.

Amaan: We used to love visiting our mother’s family in Assam as children in summer. My parents used to be busy with their concerts, so we have spent many summers with our aunts and uncles. I remember going to London with parents as we grew up. Europe is so overrated now. We need to find newer destinations for summer vacations now.


As told to Bhawna Gera Vijan

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