Diva of X-Factor: Nicole Scherzinger

Diva of X-Factor: Nicole Scherzinger

How does it feel to be back?
It feels good. It’s great to be back with my X Factor family. I’m feeling strong, saucier than ever. And yes, I’ve got the vibe.

There was one contestant who did connect with you and actually made you cry. What can you reveal about her?
There’s a girl called Grace who is very unassuming. She comes out a little bubbly, flighty and you don’t really know what to expect. Then when she sings her original songs Pandora’s Box opens up to her soul and it’s clear. You see straight into her, you connect with that and you immediately associate the song with your own life and things going on, things you’ve experienced. That’s what music is about; she has a true gift for songwriting. She’s very stripped back and honest when she performs her songs. She makes me cry like a baby every time that she performs. 

Simon has been winding you up about the possibility of a romance with a contestant, what’s going on?
Oh, gosh! Danny Lambo. He’s nicknamed himself that because he has three Lamborghinis. He’s a self-made multimillionaire, as he says. He is definitely a very different character. He came to us singing an original song which really gave me an in-depth look into his soul. It was titled ‘Playboys’. The lyrics were something like, ‘Hoes, boats, Gucci, Prada, selfies with the hotties’. I got to know him a lot more after that song.

How important is social media and are there pitfalls to an online presence?
Social media is really important, I don’t do it enough! I wish I was better at it. I’m not as big a fanatic of it as some people are; it’s more for the millennial. I just feel like there’s not as much mystique anymore. It’s also a great way to connect with your fans directly, but I think there is a danger that maybe you overstep your boundaries. You still have a responsibility to uphold what you post and how you want to represent yourself.

Okay, tell us, do you have a go-to song if you’re feeling sad?
If I want to be picked up then I’ll probably put on Sia’s album. Turn on Unstoppable real loud. Or I’ll put on Beyonce’s Lemonade. Honey, you all better be scared when I put on Lemonade - you’re about to get it! You’re about to get the saucy Scherzy! The extra hot sauce, that extra swag- you know what I’m saying? That’s for sure!  

Have you ever seen Simon dance?
Dude, I have seen Simon dance. I think I have made Simon dance. It might be just a finger, but it’s dancing. He does the very slow, raise the roof pump. Hey, that counts! I should get a gold star for that. 

What’s your ambition for the next five years?
I came into this industry as a musician, an artist, and to get back to that is the most important thing for me. I have a clear vision for my dream project. It’s something I feel has not done before so I want to take some time to really create that and bring that project, that album, and tour, into fruition.

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